Friday, July 13, 2012

family fridays

Small summary of our week:

Here is my little man helping me make cupcakes for Auntie Shell's birthday party.  My baby sister turned 20 this week ... pretty crazy!  

me, my mom, and sister
Yesterday I switched my little man from a high chair to a booster-ish seat.  He seems much happier than in his high chair.  You could tell he felt like such a big boy!

Just noodles cooked in chicken broth for lunch.  He was running a fever and saying, "bebby, huts" (belly hurts).  

Usually Josh has clinicals on Fridays but is scheduled to go out of town this weekend for a VANA conference (VA Association of Nurse Anesthetists), so he was home with us!  It felt like a Saturday, filled with pancakes and laziness and video games.  I love this photo:

And on Monday we find out the gender of our baby!!  Stay tuned for ultrasound pics!  

Have a great weekend.  

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