Friday, July 6, 2012

family fridays

Josh usually has clinicals on Fridays, which means he usually wakes up at 4:30 am after going to bed around 1:30 am, and then a full 8-10 hour day that requires absolutely all of his brain power.  Needless to say, he comes home incredibly exhausted.

I was anticipating him to come home last Friday wanting just to take a nap/veg/snooze on the couch, but instead, he wanted to take us to the beach.  "Is that ok?" He asked me.  OK!?!?!  I thought.  It was more than ok.  Nowadays he has so much on his plate that I naturally assume Micah and I will do almost everything without him, including fun things like beach outings.  For him to take initiative and ask if we could spend the afternoon together seriously sent my little heart a-flutter.  So off we went.  

If you remember this post, you might recall that Micah was not a huge fan of the beach a couple of weeks ago.  This time, he absolutely loved it!  The difference - his buddy, Daddy was with us.

They played in the sand, they played in the water.  They built sandcastles and looked for rocks and shells.  They watched boats and even found a tiny crab.  Watching those two together almost reduces me to tears.  I love my boys.  

By the end of our beach trip, Micah was so brave about the water he just started walking right in!  I nearly had a heart attack the first time because I wasn't expecting it.  But I am so glad my little man decided to change his mind about the beach.  And I am so grateful for the little snippet of family time we were able to share together.  

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