Saturday, June 9, 2012

family fridays

Ok, so I realize it's actually Saturday but I wanted to wait and post on our first beach trip of the season, which didn't happen until this morning.  I wish I could say it was a swimming success, but alas I cannot.  

My little man was already in a strange mood from waking up too early (6:15 am).  It was nearing lunchtime.  He was completely weirded out by the shifting sand under his feet.  The waves, if you could call them that, totally freaked him out.  While I was trying to set up the umbrella he was screaming, "mommy!" because he was so afraid the tide.  I looked up at one point and several people were staring at us.  Oh well.  

I set up a beach towel to sit on and brought out the shovel and pail, hoping he would warm up to the sand.  He would venture the two steps out toward the toys and then hurry back to the safety of our beach towel.  

We did make an attempt at going into the water.  He let the waves come up to his feet, but not without much yelling.  He let me hold him while I stood in the water, but refused to put his legs down.  

We eventually left after about twenty minutes.  Poor kid kept asking for "daddy" and "home".  So home we went.  

When we got home though, Micah was so excited to tell daddy about the "wawa" and pointed to his feet (translation: I was in the water and it touched my feet).  He was also excited about the cheeseburger we picked up on our way home and told daddy excitedly, "cheese!"  So I guess it wasn't a completely horrid trip.  

I was slightly disappointed that Micah didn't love the beach, but I am not deterred.  I am pretty sure he will be loving it by the end of summer.  

The only picture I was able to snap of my handsome beach bum

Last year Micah and I went to the beach often.   Six month old stud <3


  1. awww poor little guy!! I think lots of toddlers are like that. I remember my much younger cousin being weirded out by the sand. Mareto loves the beach but the tide is a little concerning to him. He walks toward it but as soon as it comes toward him he's running back up the beach! It reminds of those birds that chase the tide and then run away from it! haha We should go together sometime! :)

  2. grey is still a little skittish this year takes them time to get used to that moving water! He'll get it though, for sure. Brooks used to full on scream and FREAK out...and now you can't keep him out and he goes waaay out far. Once they get over their fear, then Mommy has more to worry about, lol!