Friday, June 1, 2012

family friday

So the big even this week ... Micah started saying "yeah."  He had "no" down pat shortly after turning one, and six months laters he mastered it's counterpart.  But this new development has been absolutely hilarious.  Questions that were once hypothetical now elicit an adorable little response.  I am still getting accustomed to it and it still catches me off guard and makes me chuckle from time to time, but I really love hearing his opinions.  

Here are some photos from our outdoor adventures on Tuesday afternoon.  

I can't tell you how much I love that kid!  He also started to say cheese when being photographed.  That's partly why his smile is so big in these pics.  What a ham.  

I am also really proud of my Josh this week.  On Wednesday in clinical he had to intubate a patient with a very difficult airway.  Basically this means the person has any combination of the following: short neck, large teeth, small mouth, anything that makes it hard for their mouth to open wide and a tube to be stuck down their throat.  This patient happened to have all of these characteristics.  Long story short, he successfully intubated the patient and received a "well done" from the anesthesiologist.  But an even bigger compliment came from his preceptor, a CRNA who told him several times what an amazing job he did and how impressed he was with Josh's skill and confidence level, especially considering it was only his third clinical day.  The CRNA even told Josh that he would be a great asset to the hospital that hires him.  Clinical day #3 WIN!  

Baby Rieke and I are doing well.  Not much new to report.  The thought hit me the other day that I will probably start feeling some movement sometime soon.  Things will become much more real at that point I think.  I am really excited to welcome a new little bundle into this world in the near future.  I hope I can handle two babies!!  

Happy Friday everyone. :) 


  1. Hello?! You can DEFINITELY handle two babies. Micah will be almost 2 by then anyway...not a baby anymore. And you can for sure handle a toddler and an infant. They just get easier as they age. That is the glorious thing about having kids. Downside is once they learn to talk they never shut up, and then there is that attitude that needs correcting...but it's easier than feeding, rocking and burping on lack of sleep, imo. :-)

  2. Sarah-Girl, we all know that Micah-Boy has the best mom ever, and so will your new baby. God's been good to us.