Wednesday, June 27, 2012

extra pics

I meant to add these to my Family Friday post this past week but I couldn't find my iphone cord thingy that allows me to download the pictures.  But it was found and here are some extra cute photos for your viewing pleasure.  

Micah had his 18 month appointment last Tuesday.  We just had to get a couple of shots and an overall check-up.  He is still not quite 20 lbs. (way below the charts for weight), and the doctors still give me a bit of grief about it.  But the good news is, their comments no longer make me cry because I realize my son is totally healthy and happy and developing right on time.  Since everything else looks good they didn't do testing to further investigate his small size, but I was told maybe at his 24 month appointment.  Sigh.  Oh well.  If you think of it, just pray that he bulks up a little before then.  I don't want him to get blood work.  

In other news he is 25th percentile for height and 75th percentile for head circumference.  So ... my little man is basically a lollipop haha!  I think he just has a big brain.  :)  

Here he is catching up on the latest edition of Readers' Digest while we waited.

This next photo makes me smile.  I love my little man and I adore watching him play outside.  What a cheeseball.  

I also found a couple of pics of me and Josh around this age modeling some glasses as well.

Looking at our baby photos makes me wonder what our next baby will look like.  Can't wait!!  

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  1. Don't worry about about his size, he's healthy and fine (and CUTE!). I have 2 brothers that were always below on the charts for height (below 5%) and weight, and wouldn't you know, they are completely normal adults now, although not overly tall at 5'5" and 5'6". Sometimes people are just built smaller, nothing wrong with that!