Saturday, March 3, 2012

thirty day thread: day two

A pair of pj pants in my drawer were in need of some major repair.  They had several large holes in the well ... crotch area.  Josh told me several times that I just needed to throw them away but I just couldn't bring myself to do it for three reasons: 1. I knew it was a relatively easy fix for anyone who could sew 2. they are seriously soooo comfy and 3. they were part of a pj set I bought to wear in the hospital after I had Micah.  That last reason was the real kicker.  

So anyway, I attempted this hole fixing project at the tail end of nap time and I pretty much figured I wouldn't be able to finish but I wanted to try anyway.  In hindsight that was a bad idea because I get total tunnel vision when working on something and don't want to be bothered by anyone.  Lesson learned.  

I ran into the same problem I did yesterday - it seemed like multiple threads were all getting tangled into my project.  At one point it was so bad the machine wouldn't even work.  Here is some evidence taken at the scene of the crime:

I really thought I had threaded everything wrong, so I youtubed this video.  It helped a little but I still was having trouble.  I rethreaded everything like five times and finally had some success.  One hole out of four is fixed.  About that same time I heard a little voice calling "mama!  mama!"  

I guess if I had to stop a project for anyone it would be him.  So this pants project will have to wait for another day.  

Later that day ...

After my sweet guy went to bed I decided I had to finish my pj pants and most importantly, figure out what on earth I was doing wrong.  

I narrowed my problem down enough to figure out that I was sewing the extra "tails" of thread from the needle and bobbin back into my pants.  A quick google search landed me on this article.  After scrolling down a little, I identified my problems at steps 12-14.  Phew!

So, my problem now solved, I proceeded to finish repairing the holes in my beloved pj pants.  I am happy to report they are now decently wearable.  Just please don't look on the inside ... I really, really need to practice sewing a straight line!  

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