Thursday, March 22, 2012

thirty day thread: day twenty-two

You know how they say work first, then play?  Well before diving into my long-awaited fun projects (superman cape, beanbags, placemats for my mom, etc.), the recent warmer weather necessitated that I give attention to a more functional project: transforming a couple of ill-lengthed pants into shorts.

The first pair of pants were actually meant to be bermuda shorts.  On my body, however, they were some odd not short enough for shorts but not long enough for capris length.  Honestly, I felt sort of masculine in them

These are even rolled up one cuff-width.  See what I mean?

I ran into one major problem with the bobbin being threaded too loosely; a problem diagnosed by my dear friend and amazing seamstress, Molly Tilman.

Once the bobbin was rewound and the whole machine rethreaded, everything went swimmingly.  

The final result is a bit longer than I anticipated, but much, much better than the original product.

Now you can see my knees!  

The second hem job is devoid of photo documentation because a certain one-year old had recently woken up and I was frantically trying to pick up my mess before he came out of his crib.  But I assure you, it turned out very well.

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