Friday, March 23, 2012

thirty day thread: day twenty-three

Since embarking on this sewing journey I have been browsing pinterest for adorable ideas.  To be completely honest, a large majority of them are for little girls.  As a result, I was finding myself thinking, "I can't wait to have a girl so I can make a, b, and c."  And I hope I get to one day.

But the reality is I don't have a girl and I may never have one.  So I started brainstorming ideas that might be suitable for my little man.  Just because he can't wear pink and frills and hairbands doesn't mean his mama can't make him something fun!  

Then it hit me ... a superman cape!  Yes.  I had been making bibs and thought a cape is basically the same pattern.  I looked on pinterest for a tutorial and found this one.

I used microsoft word to print out a letter M and a lightening bolt shape for the logo and a tupperware bowl for the circle.

This is the logo before it was sewn on.  

The project went pretty well.  I must say that sewing a lightening bolt shape is sort of tedious!  And unfortunately I ran into the same problem from yesterday, so if you ever see the underside of Micah's cape, please know it's not pretty.  Also the M on the logo is crooked.  

But overall I am so, SO excited to give this to my little guy.  I'm not sure if he'll quite understand, but Josh suggested I show him a superman video before giving him the cape and see how it turns out.  And rest assured I will post a picture of my own little superhero in his cape.


  1. adorable!!!! I love that!!!! I think I need to make one for Mareto and our little "M" super heroes can fight the bad guys together! ;)

  2. that is awesome!!! Landon can be super LJ! :) Have you checked out and click "celebrate the boy"? she has TONS of great boy ideas for sewing. :) (she's my go to for handmade birthday/christmas ideas.)