Thursday, March 8, 2012

thirty day thread: day seven

I have been absolutely ecstatic to try this project since I pinned it a few months ago.  This is the photo and website where you can find the tutorial for these adorable tote bags:

And here is my result:

Not bad!  I was pretty proud of the result.  Certainly not flawless (oh my no!) but my very own creation.   The instructions were easy to follow and I ran into very few threading issues, thanks to some helpful comments from my friends.  And in case you are wondering if it really is a 20 minute tote ... it took me four times longer.  But I am a beginner.  For all of you experienced ones, it probably would take 20 minutes!  

I enjoyed this project so much, I decided to make another one.  Here it is:

Isn't it beautiful!?  I love the soft muted colors and vintage-y pattern.  I wanted to give it away as a drawing to celebrate one week of sewing, but I had some seaming trouble and it is really kind of shameful to give as a gift.  So I will fix it and stay tuned for a better one with the same pattern to be given away.

Well, this is the end of my first week of the thirty day thread ... here's to a few more weeks and hopefully several more successful projects.  Or at least lessons learned.  


  1. You've done amazing!! I'd use it proudly, with with seaming issues:-) Who looks that close at a tote anyway? I just drag it around with diapers and wipes in it :-)

  2. maybe you should try and sew those cute bibs. I will give you some material and you could practicing sewing and make me a few!?