Wednesday, March 14, 2012

thirty day thread: day fourteen

Again, I did not sew anything today.  I need to go to the fabric store and have yet to do so.  But I do have another inspirational fabric pattern that I wanted to share.  

I picked up this little guy on one of my treks to Fabric Hut:

For those of you who don't know, the theme in my mom's kitchen is strawberries.  And that is kind of an understatement.  Seriously there is not a single square inch of that room that is not covered in some decorative strawberry-embellished knick-knack.  So when I saw this fat square (real name, not offensive)  I had to buy it.  I brainstormed a little, and by brainstormed I mean pinterested, and decided to make some placemats.  

I still need to go to the fabric store and decide what color back to make.  I also wanted to do sort of a quilt-type placemat, so I need to see what else I can find.  But I am excited and I hope my mom likes them!  

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  1. great find! she is gonna love what ever you make with that fabric. :) can't wait to see the finished product.