Tuesday, March 6, 2012

thirty day thread: day five

My sewing box is now filled with projects that need to be completed.  I have so many things that have needed repair for a while but have been unable to repair them; until now.  

The first project of the night was to fix the straps of a pj dress.  The straps were just too long resulting in more of a smock than the little dress it was supposed to be.  

I think the repair went ok.  Over four inches came off each strap.  One side looks better than the other because I chose a more optimal cutting location.  But all in all, mission accomplished.  

The second project of the night was another pj project: hole repair.

I was proud of the end results.  My lines seemed straighter, and my backstitching was directly over the first stitches instead of in no man's land as many of my other ones have been.  PS, I am still using the dark blue thread so I can better see what I'm up to.

I was still in a sewing mood and decided to just practice sewing straight lines.  Here is where I encountered some problems:

I literally watched helplessly while one of the extra side threads incorporated itself into the fabric.  And the backstitch got stuck and puckered up my work.  

Here is another example of how I keep adding the extra thread from the bobbin and needle into whatever I am working on.  Still not really sure how to fix it; it seems rather hit or miss for me.

Oh well.  There is some improvement.  The last side was sewn pretty straight and the backstitch was as well.  Not horrible.

 I took a picture of how my machine is set up in case anyone spots any glaring errors.  If you have any advice, please share!

In summary, one step forward (straight lines!), two steps back (still can't operate machine effortlessly).   


  1. sarah - is your top thread UNDER your presser foot? From the pictures, it looks like it is on top of the foot....that could be part of the problem. (Like I'm some sewing genius! ha!) I always hold (or pinch down) the the top and bobbin thread when I do my first few stitches...hold it to the side - out of the way and keep it taught. I didn't know that step for a while and kept getting my threads all knotted. Maybe that helps! :)

    good job on persevering! (I've been working on my mending pile today too....canaan and the right knees of her pants keep me in business!)

  2. You are inspiring me to get to my mending pile! keep it up!

  3. I noticed what Whitney suggested too...I usually lower the presser foot, and manually turn down(and turn back up, when I'm done) the needle into the fabric...hope that makes sense.

  4. yes, the top thread has to be pulled in between the presser foot and down and then both threads pulled together to the side. hope that makes sense. I will send you a picture if it doesn't. Loved your new bag!!