Sunday, February 26, 2012

mom style: outfit insipiration

Recently I have been having a lot of fun shopping my closet.  If your budget for wardrobe expansion is virtually nonexistent (like mine!) then shopping your closet is a great way to spruce up some old outfits.  

The basic idea is to take a second look at your typical outfits and maybe pair some items together you wouldn't normally gravitate to.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to mix up color combos.  And the best place to find color combo inspiration is ... tada!  Pinterest.  

This photo is on my fashion board:

I totally fell in love with the classic crayon colors - canary yellow and bold navy - paired with neutral shoes.  Inspired, I decided on a way to interpret this outfit to function in my own life:

I wore this outfit for Saturday afternoon errands, complete with a trip to the kiddie play area at our local library.  

If you're in a little wardrobe slump, I challenge you to do some browsing and come up with fun new color combos.  Let me know what you discover!


  1. Quite Cute. LOVE LOVE LOVE that color combo :) Plus you're adorable. so... there's that.

  2. Love these two colors together! Very cute, and it looks like a very mom friendly outfit (as opposed to the cute- but impractical pencil skirt).