Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year!

Happy New Year dear friends and family!  As Josh and I look back over 2011 we marvel at the Lord's providence in our lives.  If our lives were to have panned out as we had intended, we would have one less baby, Josh would have more schooling under his belt, and I would still be working.  It is amazing how the Lord had different plans for our family and how they truly are better than we could have imagined.  Here is a short summary of our 2011:

January 2011 had us experiencing parenthood with our sweet little two week old baby boy.  I was still recovering from labor and delivery and adjusting to massive sleep deprivation but thankfully Josh was able to take a month off from work to spend with Micah and me.  We had a great time as a family of three and spent lots of time snuggling.  Josh and I could not have imagined a more perfect little child.  

At the end of February Josh found out that Old Dominion University would be accepting applications for the Nursing Anesthesia program for 2011.  This was the program he had applied to in 2010 only to be told they would not be accepting a class for 2010 due to some accreditation issues.  Since this has been Josh's career goal since he graduated high school, he decided to move forward with the application process.  At the end of March he received a call for an interview and was accepted into the program in late spring.    

Josh's finished up working in the ICU Norfolk General at the end of July and had a month off before starting school in September.  That month was filled with lots of family time including many fun trips to the beach filled with lots of sand eating.  By Micah, in case you were wondering.  Micah also survived his first hurricane at the end of August.  We spent the weekend with Josh's parents because we anticipated lots of flooding, electricity loss, and potential damage from tree limbs at our house.  It turned out that Josh's family lost power and our house never did!  And praise the Lord that we had no significant damages done to our property.  

Josh started the CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) program at ODU in September.  He was (and is!) determined to do well in the program and began studying diligently from the start.  His results paid off and he has consistently received the top grades in his class, including acing a couple of tests and his hardest final.  We are so grateful to the Lord for allowing Josh to be so successful and see it as validation of choosing this career path.

We celebrated Micah's first birthday on December 19th.  He was not a huge fan of being sung to or of his birthday cake, but he did get the present thing down pat.  He is such a blessing to Josh and I and we are so grateful to be his parents.  To date, he has a pretty large vocabulary and is adding to it daily.  His favorites include calling for mama, guck-guck-guck (yuck), and ball.   He can also point to all facial features when asked.  Micah loves his daily routine and especially enjoys making coffee with daddy in the morning.  He usually always informs daddy that "ca-ca, hot" (coffee, hot) while waving his little hand over the steaming mug.  And while walking mommy and daddy around the house is his favorite form of transportation, walking on his own is coming in at a close second.

To quote my husband, 2011 was one of the best years of his life.  And while we hope that 2012 brings about a similar sentiment we know that the Lord in in control no matter what, and for that we are so grateful.  

Family photos by Ginny at Gloria Photography.

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  1. 2011 was actually one of the hardest years we've had, to date...robberies, almost getting sued twice, jobs going awry, to much work, too little time...but also one of the greatest too in many many ways. So great that God is in control and we can trust him with every detail. Here's to a super boring 2012 for the Bolger's, Haha!