Saturday, November 12, 2011

tomato paste trick

I saw this trick on food network a few years ago and think more people should know about it.  It's an easy way to get all the tomato paste out of the can without using a spoon or spatula to scrape the sides.  

Step 1: open one end of the can the entire way

Step 2: flip the can over and open that lid, but leave a small tab still attached 

Step 3: hold the can on the side with the completely detached lid.  use your finger to push the lid through the can so the tomato paste can ooze out the other side.  

And you're done!  Wasn't that so much cleaner and easier?  

So there you go.  Happy cooking!  


  1. G-ma Rieke has always done it that way! It is smart!

  2. I do this with cranberry jelly at Thanksgiving and question though, why not take both tops off completely? What is the advantage of leaving one slightly attached?

  3. I think so it doesn't go into the pan with the sauce and then you have to fish it out. I have done it both ways and just prefer not sticking my fingers into my spaghetti sauce. :)