Saturday, November 19, 2011

thanksgiving craft

I recently saw this idea on Pinterest for a Thanksgiving Day centerpiece:

I loved the idea, but wanted something a little less colorful and smaller.  I read somewhere that centerpieces should always be low enough so you can see and talk to the people across from you.  Good point.  

I was inspired to use this creative idea to make these babies:

I really love how they turned out, and the total cost of the project was about $3.  I'll show you how.

Here is the cast of characters: your favorite fall-colored scrapbook paper, 10 clean baby food jars, raffia, typed letters (I used Microsoft Word), and lollipop sticks.  Not pictured: dry beans, scotch tape, tape runner adhesive, and a hot glue gun.

You will need to print the letters out twice in order to make the centerpiece double sided.  Since people will be sitting on both sides of the table, you want it to be beautiful all around.

I cut the letters out using my 1" square punch and then punched out the scrapbook paper using my scallop square punch.  You can find both at Michael's, I'm sure, but my scallop punch is from stampin' up, purchased through a friend.  

Adhere the letters to the scrapbook paper with your tape runner adhesive, or whatever you like to use for scrapbooking/paper crafting.  You will need to spell one side backwards.  In other words, a single lollipop stick will have "G" from "give" on one side and "S" from "thanks" on the other.    

I taped one letter to the lollipop stick and then hot glued the other one.  I had another plan but things literally fell apart.  The scotch tape/hot glue combination worked well.

I then hot glued the raffia around the rim of each baby food jar.  

The last step is to fill each jar with dry beans.  I used a combination of navy beans and chickpeas.  I also considered using popcorn kernels and uncooked rice, but I like the beans.

Here is a closeup:

I am so excited to use this as our Thanksgiving centerpiece.  Let me know if you've made anything crafty for the upcoming holiday!


  1. adorable!!!! I love it - great job! :)

    (ps - yours is way cuter than the one on pinterest!) :)

  2. Really cute, Yours are much more attractive than the the version of inspiration :)

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!! DO you have any more baby food jars to spare? I'm past that stage so I don't have any, but I'd love to try something similar if you don't mind. I was just thinking yesterday of what to make for the table decor, and was almost resigning myself to do the same as last year, but this would be perfect!!