Tuesday, September 6, 2011

being brave

I did a very uncharacteristically brave thing today.  I summoned every courageous fiber in my being and channeled strength from 2 Timothy 1:7 (God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind) and did the bravest thing I have done in a while.  

I asked my neighbor for a favor.  

I realize for those of you who seem to make friends every time you grocery shop, this may seem like small potatoes.  But for me, it was a pretty big deal.  

If you know me, you know that I am not outspoken, outgoing, or outrageous.  I tend to be more ... timid, quiet, and easily intimidated, at least when it comes to new people and new/potentially uncomfortable situations.  I usually shy away from circumstances that might put me "out there" in case someone decides to be really mean and throw me under a bus.  

Today I was different.  

We only had one large branch fall during the hurricane, thank the Lord.  And to be completely honest, it didn't even fall. It broke off from its mother tree and had been hanging there until my dad pulled it down on Saturday.  I was kind of leaving it there on purpose because I wasn't sure what to do with it once it came down, coupled with the fact that it was pretty stuck and my arms were too weak to pull it down.  Anyway, since Saturday this relatively big tree branch was sitting next to my trash cans and I was not sure what to do with it.  

So now its Tuesday, which is usually my yard work day.  I had just finished cutting the grass, thanks to my lovely mother-in-law who actually had to start the lawnmower for me (again, weak arms) when I noticed that my neighbor two doors down was loading some branches into the back of his big red pickup truck.  

For a minute or two, I thought about how nice it would be for him to take the branch.  I mean, we don't have a truck or anything and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the monster.  But I also realized that him hauling the branch for us would mean that I had to ask him.  Yikes!  Way out of my comfort zone.  What if he looked at me funny or asked me how dare I ask him such a favor and why don't I take care of my own stinkin hurricane yard debris?  Or what if he said no!  {dramatic shudder} 

Well anyway, I realize this sounds very silly, but thoughts like these really do hold me back from talking to strangers.  But for some reason today my hatred for the ugly decaying branch defeated my much-afraidness and I marched two doors down repeating 2 Timothy 1:7 in my head, and asked my neighbor to drag away the branch.  

And you know what?

He didn't look at me funny, or shake his fist at me, or scoff at my apparent helplessness.  He just very kindly said yes, walked over to my yard, and hauled the branch down the street to his truck.  We even engaged in some friendly chatter along the way.  How nice.  

I felt pretty proud of myself for stepping out of my box today.  Its nice to feel brave every once in a while.  

Here is a song by one of my favorite Christian song artists about how her little boy makes her want to be "Brave."  Hope you enjoy it, and I hope you get to experience your own courageous moment this week, no matter how big or small.  


  1. Good for you Sarah brave and courageous! Such a cute lighthearted post, it made me smile :)

  2. Good for you!!!!!
    What a gift you encountered today - the experience of going out of your comfort zone, and the gift of being helped and allowing someone to help you!
    It is ridiculously hard to overcome those fears of others' responses.....really, I experience them everyday! Thankfully, God keeps placing me where I have to rely on other people - and it keeps me relying on Him.
    Good job Sarah!

  3. When my friend, Bob, asked if he could borrow his neighbor's tool, he said to the neighbor, "Someday I'll get my own tool, and I won't have to bother you with this any more." The neighbor said, "I hope that day never comes." He liked being able to help someone--being needed in the world at least for a tool.