Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my little micah

About six and a half months ago I became a mommy and I am so blessed to have my sweet little Micah in my life.  Here he is (picture taken Monday 7/4):

He is so wonderful and has added so much joy into our lives .  He is cuddly and curious, smiley and slobbery, precious and playful, and methinks he will be giving us a run for our money once he becomes mobile because he sure is BUSY!  

I heard this song the other day and it put a large smile on my sweaty face (I was, at the time, on my elliptical machine) because it reminded me of my little boy.  A few lines in the song will be especially useful once he is mobile.  

This was my husband's favorite band when he was about fifteen, so the song is sort of nostalgic of our growing up together, (Josh and I have been friends since we were twelve), and now it reminds me of my own Micah.  It's kind of silly, but if you know us, you know we aren't very serious very often.  

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this light-hearted little ditty!


  1. brings back memories! oh i love Micah to pieces!!! slobber and all! and i love my big kids too!

  2. I used to listen to them too when I was little because of my brothers. We would play it in the basement and run around to the songs haha.

    BUT by the way, you have seriously one of THE cutest babies everrrr! :) Just wanted to share my thought with you haha